VGOD SaltNic Bundle | 4x 30ml for 39.96$ !!!!!!

Get 4 amazing flavors from VGOD SaltNic in one single bundle that will keep you on drive and excited. Composed of different type of flavor profiles, like Tropical Mango, Dry Tobacco, Cubano and Mighty Mint, this bundle is a perfect assembly to hack your contrasting cravings and addictions. Please yourself with this affordable quad and save up today! 

Tropical Mango: Exotic like its texture and joyous like its essence, this is how this eLiquid can be described. Infusing notes of sweet and ripe mangoes along with tropical blend, you are going to take on ride through tropics for and quenching hot vape experience.

Mighty Mint: Cooling like fresh air, refreshing like a winter breeze, this Mighty Mint nicotine salt vape juice crafted to keep you calm and happy. Simply hit the vapor, and feel the lovely icy touch of mighty mint in your mouth.

Dry Tobacco: e-juice brings an earthy tobacco notes as you pull. Your burning soul is ready to swallow sweet patterns just to experience those heavenly pleasures you crave so much, as those keep you satisfied from toes to head.

Cubano: Refreshing like no other, this vape juice offers your lovely cigar along with sweet vanilla cream. Can you imagine what this combination might look like? However, the best option is to try and climb up to reality for better idea.


VGOD SaltNic ICED Line Bundle | 4x 30ml for 39.96$ !!!!!!

What could be better than ICED Line bundle from VGOD SaltNic which will make your vaping routine turn around 180 degrees. Assembling 4 flavor profiles from ICED Line by VGOD SaltNic, you will be swept away by the rich glacial refreshing you are going to gain. Bursting like an icy bombs, Lush Ice, Iced Berry Bomb, Iced Mango Bomb, Apple Bomb Iced eLiquids are designed to secure your humble satisfaction.

Lush Ice: Its all about triple treat of candied watermelon juice with gentle menthol touch on your palate as you inhale. Exhale is more about mentholated sweetness that you enjoy on your taste buds.

Iced Berry Bomb: When the berries burst like a bomb, you get totally speechless. If you are in love with berries, then you will simply adore this creation. Mixing sour to tart and sweet, strawberries in menthol are perfect to your quenching needs.

Iced Mango Bomb: Feel the tropics around you when vaping. Embodying high-class flavor profile, this eLiquid is made up of ripe juicy mangoes and menthol notes cooling your senses. Refresh your mind and cheer up your soul with couple of vapors on ice.

Apple Bomb: Oh, that smooth apple crispiness speaking itself and holding your slightly watered taste buds in magic. For an ultimate relaxation look no further, but take it.

This pleasing bundle from the VGOD SaltNic collection arrives in 4 unicorn bottles: each 30ml, with a blend of 50/50 VG/PG, letting you blow some fluffy clouds and have solid throat hits you like.

Get VGOD SaltNic ICED Line Bundle and the best complex solution to your nicotine cravings.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol, Mango, Strawberry, Candy, Watermelon

Bottle Sizes: 30ml x 4 bottles

Nicotine Level25mg and 50mg

VG/PG: 55%VG / 45%PG



SaltNic Cubano Black By VGOD e-Liquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Vanilla Custard, Cubano Cigar, Tobacco


SaltNic Cubano eLiquid 30ml by VGOD

Primary Flavors: Vanilla Cream, Cubano Cigar


Purple Bomb ICED In Your Face Grape by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Grape, Menthol


Purple Bomb In Your Face Grape by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Grape


Juicy Mango Blast Iced by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Mango, Menthol


Sour Strawberry Belt Iced by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Menthol


Sour Strawberry Belt by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy


Sour Apple Iced eLiquid by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Apple, Candy, Menthol 


Sour Apple eLiquid by VGOD SaltNic | Bomb Line

Primary Flavors: Sour Green Apple, Candy


Mango Bomb By VGOD SaltNic e-Liquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Mango


SaltNic Cubano Silver By VGOD e-Liquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Vanilla Custard, Honey, Cubano Cigar, Tobacco


Mighty Mint eLiquid by VGOD SaltNic | 30ml

Primary Flavors: Mint, Menthol


Summer Strawberry e-Liquid by SaltNic | 30ml

Primary Flavors:Strawberry


Tropical Mango eLiquid by VGOD SaltNic | 30ml

Flavor Profile: Mango, Tropical Fruits


Melon Mix e-Liquid by SaltNic | 30ml

Flavor Profile: Melons, Fruit


Dry Tobacco eLiquid by VGOD SaltNic | 30ml

Flavor Profile: Tobacco


SaltNic Lush ICE By VGOD eLiquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy, Menthol


SaltNic Pink Cakes By VGOD e-Liquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Cake, Dessert


SaltNic Luscious By VGOD eLiquid 30ml

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Melon





















































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