Bubble Milk Delight e-Juice By The Milkman 60ml

How do you feel about this one? It delivers sweetness, creaminess and softness, enough to deal with your deep rooted cravings. Just close your eyes, take a deep pull and blow those large vapors. Can you feel the savory taste of honey-coated boba notes in whipped milky tea inspired with fresh Jasmine leaves.

The Milkman Delight Bubble Milk vape juice, crafted from premium ingredients, is available in a 60ml dropper glass bottle with maximum VG that is prefect for dense fog production.

This flavor has a wonderful relaxing effect due to its mild texture. Traveling along the palate, this milky delight will have you in magic. If you like such subtle vape treatments, then this bubble milky delight is for you. Go ahead!

Primary Flavors: Jasmine Tea, Honey, Milk, Boba

Bottle Sizes: 60ml

Nicotine Level0mg, 3mg and 6mg



Truffleberry Delight e-Juice By The Milkman 60ml

Looking for a delightful vape option? You know, you just hit the right spot. The Milkman Delight Truffleberry eLiquid is one of jaw-dropping combinations that can empower your mood and make your cravings go away.

Composed of delicate tones of chocolate truffle and sweet to tart raspberries this vape juice will play a sweet vaping game with your taste buds. Every puff, rich in flavor hints will wash away your palate and let you get the most relaxing impulses brightening your day.

This perfect blend is offered in a 60ml dropper bottle with maximum VG base allowing you to produce the densest ever clouds to chase.

Hit the spot with this amazing duo for an ultimate satisfaction.

Primary Flavors: Chocolate truffle, Raspberry

Bottle Sizes: 60ml

Nicotine Level0mg, 3mg and 6mg



Pudding e-Juice By The Milkman 60ml

Let this flavor coach your cravings, making them humble and calm. Nothing is able to impress your taste buds, then this breakfast like eLiquid enriched with nutritious ingredients.

The warm reality of this vape juice is that it tastes like an actual pudding. Each puff splashes your palate with vanilla inspired pudding, thus making your mouth water beyond limits. Then you hunt some lemon undertones which feels surprisingly awesome.

Uncover delicious texture of Pudding eLiquid available in a 60ml glass bottle with dropper and maximum VG, that is perfect combination for massive dense clouds and flavorless throat hits.

Refuel your mood with this premium quality eLiquid!

Primary Flavors: Pudding, Vanilla, Lemon

Bottle Sizes: 60ml

Nicotine Level0mg, 3mg and 6mg



Moonies e-Juice By The Milkman 60ml

Make an exclusive vaping choice, as you are here. Imagine that you will be treated with chopped chocolate coated sweet vanilla cake and marshmallows that taste amazingly tasty.

As you inhale your tongue gets out of control and swirls between teeth for absorption of hints delivered by the vapors. Exhale arrives fully saturated with homemade vanilla cake and soft marshmallow melting in your mouth. Sounds so delicious that you will not be able to stand.

The Milkman Moonies eLiquid is available in a 60ml glass bottle with dropper and maximum VG. You can create those massive milky clouds you love so much and feel the touch of slightly milky throat hits.

One of the dessert-like magnificent vape treatment might be yours, if you hit the button now!

Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Cake, Marshmallow

Bottle Sizes: 60ml

Nicotine Level0mg, 3mg and 6mg





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