Cookie Dream by Tailored House E-Liquid | 100ml

Do you fantasize about sweet, buttery and crisp cookies like nobody's business? If the answer is yes, time to make this awesome snack a reality. How? By indulging in Cookie Dream by Tailored House E-Liquid. This mouth-watering treat has that freshly baked cookie taste that will have you drooling whenever you hit your mod. But that’s not all, a hint of salt and a drizzle of smooth ice cream make this juice a stunning all-day vape.

Upon taking in enough vapor, a buttery and sweet sugar cookie hits your palate and melts into your tongue. A sprinkle of salt lands on the taste buds, balancing out the sweetness beautifully. As you begin to exhale, silky cream slathers your tongue, turning this humble baked item into a truly decadent delight.

The clouds are just as rich and flavorful thanks to its 70/30 VG/PG.

A delectable and nostalgic combination of a dessert e-juice that’ll put a smile on your face.

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Ice Cream, Dessert


Honey Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid | 100ml

What’s the one afternoon snack that was so crunchy and sweet, it would certainly put a smile on your face. In fact, you could eat a whole box of this yummy treat if given the chance from back in the day. Well, before answering that, you can also vape it as well with Honey Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid. This is one of those rich treats that reminds you of being a kid. Graham crackers are glazed with sticky honey and topped with traditional vanilla bean ice cream.

Honey glosses your taste buds as its sweetness stimulates your sweet tooth, causing your mouth to water. Then, that lusciously buttery cookie taste drifts over your tongue, lifting your mood as the vapor continues to be inhaled. As enough vapor begins to escape, exquisite the creaminess drenches your palate in all that dessert goodness.

You’ll also be able to produce some impressive fog.

Every puff of this e-juice transports you back to a simpler time while giving your cravings the pleasure ride of their life.

Primary Flavors: Graham Cracker, Ice Cream, Dessert


Snacker Doodle by Tailored House E-Liquid | 100ml

When it comes to the ultimate dessert flavor that has proved time and time again to be the most delicious of them all, there are only a select few which come to mind. However, if ice cream sandwiches tantalize your taste buds more than anything, get ready for an astonishing treat. You're gonna fall in love with Snacker Doodle by Tailored House E-Liquid. Two buttery, cinnamon-infused snickerdoodle cookies act as the bread to a scoop of smooth, rich vanilla ice cream.

As soon as you take that first glorious puff, the warm cinna-taste thrills your taste buds. Slowly, the chewy churro drifts across your tongue as its butter melts into your palate. The richness level captivates your sweet tooth as the rush of creaminess emerges. As you slowly release, every taste bud will be soaked.

The amount of fog with each pull just adds to the enjoyment of this vape.

Being complex and balanced guarantees maximum satisfaction.

Primary Flavors: Snickerdoodle Cookie, Ice Cream, Dessert


Strawberry Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid | 100ml

When we think of strawberry combinations it’s usually some sort of dessert that makes our sweet tooth go absolutely wild. Even if the treat is a bit out of the ordinary. Well vapers, get ready to vape just that with Strawberry Crunch by Tailored House E-Liquid. It never fails to satisfy thanks to its blend of buttery sugar cookies and smooth, sweet strawberry ice cream. Inspired by a well-known creamy sandwich, this premium juice dazzles the palate with a blend of flavor notes that each please in their own special way.

Instantly, the vapor brings with it sweet and tangy strawberry creaminess as it floods the palate. Then the buttery notes of the cookie come through. With every exhale, the richness makes your sweet tooth swoon.

Its rich clouds and solid throat hit production will keep you in a good mood.

This is truly a classic e-juice sensation that has been taken to new heights for your vaping pleasure.

Primary Flavors: Sugar Cookies, Ice Cream, Strawberry, Dessert


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