Stumps 1985 B Vanilla Granola & Honey Comb 100ml

Stumps B from Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the perfect flavor for vapers who love crunchy, honey-glazed granola. This breakfast-inspired treat can be enjoyed all day long thanks to its intoxicating flavor that consists of vanilla-infused granola and sugary honeycomb. The subtle savory notes from the oats complement the sugary honeycomb taste wonderfully.

The inhale teases your palate with savory oat flavor. Quickly, a blend of brown sugar and smooth vanilla wrap themselves around your tongue. On the exhale, the flavor becomes sweeter as glorious gobs of honeycomb dance on the taste buds.

Stumps Don vape juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust arrives in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle. The 70/30 VG/PG base gives you those large and thick vape clouds, accompanied by a solid throat hit 😤💨

For an afternoon snack you can have any time, Sumps B e-liquid is a must-have to vape.

Primary Flavors: Honey-Glazed Granola


Stumps Don 1933 Cookie Butter e-Liquid 100ml

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps Don is a cookie butter flavor that's smooth, creamy and delightfully complex. You'll taste smooth vanilla, warm spices, rich butter, brown sugar and just the right amount of creamy goodness as you hit this mouth-watering dessert flavor.

The inhale gives you a hint of spice and a smattering of rich butter travel across the taste buds. The dark brown sugar slowly makes its presence known as the flavor absorbs into the palate. On the exhale, you'll taste a mouth-watering blend of silky cream and luscious vanilla.

Stumps Don vape juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust arrives in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle with a cloud chasing and throat hit base of 70/30 VG/PG 😤💨

If you love cookies like nobody's business, this e-liquid flavor will enchant you all day long.

Primary Flavors: Cookie Butter


Stumps 1960 POPS Sweet and Sour Melon 100ml

Stumps Pops by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a sweet and sour melon candy that takes you back to the happy days of childhood. With each puff, your mouth will be puckering like crazy before that sticky, sugary finish punches you in the sweet tooth.

On the inhale, a blast of shockingly sour melon flavor douses the taste buds. The crispness and juiciness of the melon taste slowly takes over as the sourness wears off. When you exhale, the candy flavor becomes intensely sweet, satisfying your sugar cravings.

Stumps Don vape juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust arrives in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG base for some good cloud production and a solid throat hit 😤💨

This tasty e-liquid treat allows you to indulge in the flavor of your very favorite candy for hours on end without the guilt.

Primary Flavors: Melon Candy


Stumps 1988 RHINO Ginger Brew e-Liquid 100ml

Stumps Rhino 1988 by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a crisp and refreshing ginger brew beverage that's spicy, bubbly, and perfectly sweet. This complex flavor will invigorate you like crazy. The warmth of the ginger comforts your palate while the effervescence rejuvenates every taste bud.

With every inhale, that assertive ginger taste instantly takes over your entire mouth. Its warmth and spiciness will intrigue each taste bud as the vapor saturates the palate. The bubbly nature of this vape juice quenches your thirst while the ginger takes on refreshingly crisp flavor notes. On each exhale, the sweetness of the flavor satisfies you.

Stumps Don vape juice from Charlie’s Chalk Dust comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and has a 70/30 VG/PG base, perfect for getting large fog production and a good throat hit 😤💨

This e-liquid is perfect for the summer weather because of its revitalizing taste.

Primary Flavors: Ginger Brew, Beverage


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