Big Apple by Salt Pop e-Liquid | 30ml

For vapers looking to make it in the big time of nic salt e-juices, here’s your chance to follow your dreams all the way to the biggest flavor you have ever experienced. When mouthwateringly sweet apples meet candy, anything is possible with Big Apple by Salt Pop E Liquid. This delectable flavor will have you soaring to the top in no time as you take in its robust flavor.

Each inhale gives you that orchard fresh flavor just before you must enter the big city of exhales with nothing but pure sugary candy happiness.

You’ll experience a magnificent hit to the throat as well thanks to its balanced blend.

As the saying goes, if you can make it here, you can vape it anywhere!

Primary Flavors: Apple Candy


Blue Raspberry by Salt Pop e-Liquid | 30ml

When it comes to nostalgic candies, what’s the one flavor we would go for because it was sweet, fun to eat and could add some extra color to our tongue to show off to our friends? If you answered blue raspberry candy, then you’re in for a vaping treat with Blue Raspberry by Salt Pop E Liquid.

Every time you take in a bunch of vapor, your tongue gets soaked in all that fruity glory. As you release, the gummy candy flavor makes your sweet tooth feel electrified when getting ready for that next hit.

The throat hit is very pleasant because of the balanced VG/PG ratio.

From the first drop to the last, this classic nic salt e-juice will put a smile on your face.

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry Candy


Juicy Mango Strawberry by Salt Pop e-Liquid | 30ml

For vapers that are craving a sweet and tropical vaping vacation filled with nothing but fresh fruits and incredible flavorful enjoyment, here’s your chance to vape Mango Strawberry by Salt Pop E Liquid. You can also wear a tropical shirt and sunglasses if you like as you hit this juice for hours on end.

Every inhale and exhale bring out nothing but purely rich and tangy fruity juices that will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The throat hit is pleasantly smooth and calming as you work on your vape clouds and tan.

This nic salt island sensation will have you feeling the ocean breeze and the vapor between your lips each time you take a puff.

Primary Flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Fruit


Peach by Salt Pop e-Liquid | 30ml

There’s nothing like heading down to Georgia for some good ol’ Southern fun. Be it the sights, the sounds, the history and of course, its delectable foods. Speaking of the last one, a fruit that is synonymous with this state is the “peach”. Well, here is your chance to experience Salt Pop Peach eLiquid delectable flavor for yourself, as it has been infused it a sugary gummy candy for your enjoyment with Peach By Salt Pop E Liquid.

Every draw of vapor you inhale unleashes the fruity juices followed by the sweet candy taste on each exhale that keeps you coming back for more.

The throat hit brings with it a smooth and delightful sensation.

Give in to your classic gummy cravings by pickup up this nicotine salt e-juice today.

Primary Flavors: Peach Gummy


Strawberry Watermelon by Salt Pop e-Liquid | 30ml

What happens when you can take two summery, mouthwatering fruits an infuse them into sweet and chewy gummy candy? The result is a classic treat that can be enjoyed for hours on end, without the cavities, when you vape Strawberry Watermelon by Salt Pop E Liquid.

Each inhale brings these two fruity juices together that soak your taste buds followed by an exhale of nothing but pure sugary gummy goodness.

Even the throat hit you’ll experience with be pleasant thanks to a balanced VG/PG blend.

When your cravings are just as hot as the summertime temps, reach for your pod and hit this wonderful nicotine salt e-juice.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry Watermelon Gummy


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