Apple Kiwi eLiquid by RYPE Vapors

Are you a fan of fruit tasting flavors that will bring you heavenly satisfaction and luxurious experience? This RYPE Vapors Apple Kiwi eLiquid is just made for you.

All those cravings of some deep satisfaction will be fulfilled once you hit the vapor full of this e-juice. The fresh, juicy apple taste will remind you of the harvest times, which will bring an abundant amount of joy to your heart. Amazingly sour-sweet kiwi will make your experience much more exotic and remarkable. With every throat hit, you will go through more and more joy and delight.

Arrived in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG light throat hit base, this duo flavored vape juice will fulfill your dreams of satisfaction.

Hit the dense fog flow you crave so much!

Primary Flavors: Apple, Kiwi


Guava eLiquid by RYPE Vapors

Heaven never felt so real!

Get ready to satisfy your wildest desires with this marvelous tropical, exotic flavors of guava and sweet, soft hints of strawberry.

Your summer dreams seem like they are right in front of you; all you need to do is hit the vapor. The delicious and mind-blowing taste patterns will fulfill you with joy and happiness, letting your desires go free and wild. With every throat hit, you get closer to absolute pleasure. Once you tried, your sweet mouth will pray for more.

The tropical heaven is all yours; all you need to do is take control and let go of your worries; enjoying the waves of satisfaction.

Wondrous RYPE Vapors Guava eLiquid is now available in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG dense fog production and mild throat hits.

Deal with your cravings in a tropical way!

Primary Flavors: Guava, Strawberry


Mixed Berries eLiquid by RYPE Vapors

Adjust your vaping session the way you want!

Amazing flavors of blueberry and strawberry are now contained in RYPE Mixed Berries eLiquid to make you feel like you are living the life of your dreams. These flavors of sweet-tart berries will not only satisfy you, but also will provide a pleasurable experience.

With every throat hit, your taste buds will feel the joy entering your organism. With your mind relaxed, all of your cravings will go away. Your mouth will enjoy the soft taste of summer and relaxing entertainment.

RYPE Vapors Mixed Berries eLiquid, packed in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG dreamed throat hits base, will shape your day.

An incredibly satisfying practice that you will get will make you desire for more.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry


Pineapple eLiquid by RYPE Vapors

Attention! The most exclusive pineapple flavor now offered to help you achieve a fabulous state of relaxation and satisfaction. Its luxuriously rich flavors will make your cravings fulfilled, but after you have tried it, you will definitely go for more.

A spectacularly unique taste of pineapple is not like any other; it will take care of all of your needs and revitalize thoughts. With every inhale and exhale your body will get as relaxed as ever. Eventually, you will feel like you are in a sweet, soft paradise where all of your cravings seem far away.

RYPE Vapors Pineapple eLiquid, coming in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG mild throat hits base, offers you a king-like treatment you have never had before.

Make sure you have this to fight your cravings with pineapple sweetness!

Primary Flavors: Pineapple


Tropical Strawberry eLiquid by RYPE Vapors

Have you ever experienced that tropical dream where you are at the beach, enjoying a cocktail, and have no worries or problems? This amazing Tropical strawberry vape juice will make you relive that dream and embrace some heavenly goodness.

The luxuriously rich tastes of coconut will fulfill your greatest desires, making you feel like you are flying high above the clouds. The softness will make you feel so relaxed that you will crave for more of this goodness. In addition, the sweet taste of strawberry will fulfill your wishes of sweet summer satisfaction.

Available in a 120ml chubby gorilla bottle with 70/30 VG/PG large clouds creation and lovely remarkable throat hit base, RYPE Vapors Tropical Strawberry vape juice will wash away your cravings.

Warm-up your day with tropical vibes!

Primary Flavors: Coconut, Strawberry


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