Vape Pink Chew by Propaganda eLiquid | 100ml

If you are searching for some extraordinary experiences of pleasure, then this Propaganda Vape Pink Chew eLiquid is perfect for you. Street freedom and incredible joy are contained in this fantastic flavor. Let go of your worries and embrace all the pleasant vibes that will follow the mild throat hits.

Every time you hit the vapor, the waves of pleasures come directly at you. Once you taste the sweet chewy candies and juicy strawberries, you will realize you want some more of this heavenly experience. All of your cravings will be fulfilled with joy and marvelous experience.

The strawberry infused candy like pink chew eLiquid is offered in a 100 ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with 70/30 VG/PG large clouds production and nice throat hits.

Refuel your life with chewy sweet strawberry candies while vaping!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy


Vape Pink Cookie Butter by Propaganda eLiquid | 100ml

Get ready for some flavored cookie blast that will bring you endless heavenly pleasures. All of your deep desires will be fulfilled with this fantastic taste of the oatmeal cookies, making you feel like you live in sweet heaven. The luxuriously rich savoriness of oatmeal blended with sugary milk creaminess with marvelous cinnamon finish will make your vaping process exceptionally fun.

This spectacular flavor is nothing like the others that you have tried before; it will bring you great joy. Every time you hit the vapor, the sweet soft pleasures will occupy your body.

Propaganda Vape Pink Cookie Butter eLiquid, available in a 100 ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle, will make it possible to chase dense clouds and enjoy lovely cookie buttered throat hits due to its 70/30 VG/PG base.

Glaze your day with sugary patterns via vaping this e-Juice!

Primary Flavors: Oatmeal Cookie, Milk, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar


Vape Pink Melon Blast by Propaganda eLiquid | 100ml

Need a little sweetness in your life? Here is the perfect way to obtain it, through the use of this pleasant Propaganda Vape Pink Melon Blast. The honey-like taste will make your body feel the sweet sensations, letting go of any cravings you have.

Relaxed and fulfilled, you will not want to put down the vapor. This taste is nothing like other; it has a spectacular vibe that you will feel after you have had a couple of melonated throat hits.

Presented in a 100ml chubby unicorn bottle with 70/30 VG/PG dense fog production base, this vape juice will let you enjoy new emotions.

Isn’t it wonderful to feel the taste of hot summer days only by hitting the vapor? And all of that is done with a sweet flavor of juicy melons.

Primary Flavors: Sweet Melon


Vape Pink Swirl by Propaganda eLiquid | 100ml

Those of you out there who crave for some soft pleasures here is the perfect flavor of pink swirl for you. Your pink wonderland has just been created to make your sweetest dreams come true. Every inhales and exhale of this soft and delicious flavor will fulfill your desires and fill your life with joy.

Incredible pink swirl will make all your cravings go away, bringing you some of that relaxing pink paradise. Enjoying delicious sherbert ice cream formulated by gentle touchy undertones of biting limes, sour lemons, juicy oranges, tart raspberries and exotic pineapples, will not only make your satisfaction experience luscious but also unforgettable.

Propaganda Vape Pink Swirl is now available in a 100ml chubby unicorn bottle with 70/30 VG/PG base to blow out those swirling dense clouds to chase.

Hit your throat in a mild way via enjoying this soft vape juice!

Primary Flavors: Ice Cream, Sherbert


Vape Pink Whipp’d by Propaganda eLiquid | 100ml

Get ready for a blissful sensation offered in Pink Whipp’d e-Liquid, it will change your life forever. All of the deepest desires and wishes you had will be fulfilled with only a couple of throat hits.

The smooth and delightful creamy fluffiness infused with marvelous and refreshing fruits will give you pleasurable sensations that are beyond your imagination. Everything will suddenly become as smooth and as light as the whipped cream, taking all of your worries away from you while making you feel happy and relaxed.

Propaganda Vape Pink Whipp’d eLiquid is available in a 100ml chubby unicorn bottle with 70/30 VG/PG base of large clouds creation and gentle throat hits.

Its time to up-to-date your vape-line, you better make it now!

Primary Flavors: Cream, Fruits


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