I ❤️ Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter | 100ml

Name a classic treat you enjoyed going to the candy shop for that was so sweet and fun, you could have it all day long. What made it even more entertaining was how it could change the color of your tongue to show your friends. If you were thinking blue raspberry candy, you’re not alone. So was Mad Hatter Juice. That’s why they have created Blue Raspberry by I Love Candy.

This classic sweet tooth delight offers up pure fruit-filled candy notes each time you take in some vapor and release it slowly from your mouth.

Cloud chasers that like a bit of a throat hit will adore it too thanks to its 70VG/30PG blend.

If you’re ready to experience what a nostalgic taffy is supposes to vape like, this would be the e-juice to grab.

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry Candy


I ❤️ Watermelon Candy by Mad Hatter | 100ml

When it comes to nostalgic sweets that we enjoyed back in the day from the local candy shop, it’s usually those gummy watermelon candies that get overlooked. Well, Mad Hatter Juice remembers. That’s why they decided to bring back this fun flavor back in a vape form with Watermelon by I Love Candy.

Your sweet tooth will instantly be hit with fruity candy notes on every inhale and exhale.

The fog and throat hit production you get from vaping it just adds to its pleasure.

For a classic e-liquid that will have you reminiscing about the pleasant times from the good ol’ days, this is the one to add to your collection.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon Gummy Candy


I ❤️ Cookies by Mad Hatter Juice | 100ml

If you enjoy yummy treats that make your sweet tooth go crazy, you’re in a for classic vaping experience unlike any other. When you can take a traditional glazed cookie with caramel and filled with strawberry jam that then gets dunked in a glass of creamy milk, you get I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter Juice. Truly an e-juice that’s anything but ordinary.

Each puff taken in offers up that yummy and buttery snack-filled taste followed by a nice release of balanced richness and flavor that will satisfy those cravings instantly.

You’ll be able to cloud chase with ease while getting a solid throat hit thanks to its 70/30 VG/PG blend.

For a late-night snack that won’t add on any calories, this is the e-liquid to vape.

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Caramel, Strawberry


I ❤️ Donuts (Original Blueberry) by Mad Hatter | 100ml

Whether it’s breakfast, a quick coffee break, afternoon snack or the “sneak down stairs for a midnight snack” theme, there’s one treat that never seems to get old to enjoy, especially when your cravings cannot be contained. That treat is a glazed blueberry donut. Well, now you get to indulge in it any time you want, without all the calories of course, simply by hitting I Love Donuts (Original Blueberry) by Mad Hatter Juice.

Each gulp of vapor that swirls around your mouth offers up that sweet and fruity heavenly taste, followed by that rich sensation you get when you slowly release.

The ability to create large and thick clouds without losing that iconic flavor just makes vaping it that more special.

No need to go to the bakery to experience this pastry flavor. Just pick up your mod and vape this e-liquid today.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Glazed Donut


I ❤️ Milkman Mango Milk by Mad Hatter | 100ml

What happened to the milkman? It has been weeks, but he could not be found. So, Mad Hatter Juice sent out a search party, and after a few days, they located him at last. The milkman was on a tropical island concocting a new e-juice recipe that vapers will surely love. By taking sweet mango straight from the tree and adding just the right amount of silky milk, you get Mango Milk by I Love Milkman.

The moment you take in the vapor, your taste buds are flooded with this exotic fruit flavor followed by the sweet creaminess as you exhale.

Your cloud chasing sessions will feel very tropic thanks to its 70/30 VG/PG base.

The next time you want to get away, or are possibly stranded on a remote island, as long as you have your mod and this e-liquid by your side, you’ll be just fine.

Primary Flavors: Mango, Fruit


I ❤️ Rainbow Candy by Mad Hatter | 100ml

Imagine for a moment taking your favorite fruity candies such as cherry, sour lime, blue raspberry and more colorful candy bites and combining them into one amazing vape flavor. Just the thought of it might have you wondering what Mad Hatter Juice has in store at the end of this “rainbow”. Well, that’s exactly it. There really is no better way to experience what a handful of sweetness really vapes like than with Rainbow by I Love Candy.

Each gulp of vapor you take in, as it sits for a moment and stirs around your mouth, unleashes some pure fruit pleasure. Once you exhale, that’s where the sweetness takes over, as it keeps you coming back for more.

If you’re wondering what is on the other side of this juice, it is incredible fog production that you can control.

Indulge in some fun, sunshine, and vaping happiness when you hit this e-liquid today.

Primary Flavors: Fruity Candy


I ❤️ Taffy by Mad Hatter Juice | 100ml

When it comes to summertime candy flavors, there’s one that really stands out amongst the rest. The taste of a peach taffy that’s sticky, salty, and sweet. Truly a creamy and rich gooey flavor that brings out the best in all of us. Now you can enjoy this classic candy sensation in a vape form any time your cravings come around, without having to worry about getting any cavities, with I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter Juice.

Fruit flavor on the inhale followed by a succulent and fulfilling taste on the exhale allows you to feel nothing but pure vaping happiness.

Your clouds will look amazing each time you take a puff.

For all the candy fanatics out there looking for something a bit unique and yummy to vape, this is the e-liquid to add to any collection.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Taffy Candy


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