Blueberry Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Jam Monster | 30ml

Looking for something extraordinary? Blueberry nicotine salt eliquid will facilitate your cravings. Warm buttered toast topped with blueberry jam that is tangy and sweet will treat you with amazing sensation as you hit the vapor.

Every puff feels nice and quenching as you continue to vape away, and leaves your taste buds fully satisfied. A little tarty to sweet flavor overpowers your palate with nothing but joy and happiness.

You find it even more desirable, as you get indulged into this salt based e-liquid arriving in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an even VG/PG base for smooth and nice throat hits.

Unfold the excellence with this blueberry-inspired vape juice and blow your lovely clouds you crave so much.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry Jam, Blueberry, Buttered Toast


PB & Grape Jam Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Jam Monster | 30ml

This eLiquid offered by Jam Monster, takes a bowl of sweetest grapes, and blends them into perfection, just like a grape jam, then adds some creamy butter paired with peanuts, so making a delicious dish for your vaping experience.

In order to understand to what extend this vape juice is tasty and mouthwatering that makes you unable to stand, you gonna have to grab it. Inhale is rich in grape jam flavoring pushing you ahead for more vaping. Followed by a savory taste of creamy peanut butter, the exhale entirely satisfies your taste buds that are singing like a crazy of excitement.

Available in a 30ml unicorn bottle, this PB & Grape Jam nicotine salt e-juice gives you lovely throat hits and clouds shaping inspiration.

Hurry up to refill your day with new emotions and memories!

Primary Flavors: Grape Jam, Peanut Butter


Raspberry Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Jam Monster | 30ml

If you want a bit of energy in your daily routine, sometimes a nicely tart and sweet raspberry jam does the trick. And when that jam is combined with freshly made warm buttered toast, you will get extra boost of yumminess. Now you can enjoy this same flavor in a nicotine salt form when you vape Raspberry Nicotine Salt eLiquid.

Once you take a hit or two, you’ll notice that smooth and jam-infused e-juice and the fresh raspberry undertones just running in circles around your sweet tooth and making your taste buds to sing of sweetness.

The throat hit comes across rich and clean thanks to its balanced VG/PG blend.

For a snacking that could also be your next all-day-vape, reach for this energy boosting eLiquid.

Primary Flavors: Raspberry Jam, Raspberry, Buttered Toast


Blackberry Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Jam Monster | 30ml

How about homemade crispy toast with blackberry jam on for a breakfast? You can have this delightfully treat with Blackberry nicotine salt eLiquid by Jam Monster. Crispy vapes will refuel you and make want more and more. You can vape it without packing on pounds.

Each time you draw and let out the vapor, the blast of tart blackberry jam patterns breezes in your mouth, buttered toast goodness fills you up and satisfies those cravings.

This nicotine salt vape juice arrives in a 30ml unicorn bottle and has a mild even VG/PG base for that berry-inspired clouds and smooth throat hit experience you are going to treat yourself.

Get a bottle, when you want to enrich your breakfast with every hit.

Primary Flavors: Blackberry Jam, Buttered Toast, Blackberry


Mangerine Guava Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Ice Monster | 30ml

Four-layered delicious eLiquid that will leave you with open mouth. Mentholated blend of juicy tangerines, dense textured guavas and exotic sweet mangoes will fill up your day with marvelous moments.

Take a draw slow and steady to feel the touch of each fruit flavor on your thirsty taste buds, as their cravings are so deep that you cant even imagine. Inhale is accompanied with fruity-taste, while the exhale characterized by menthol finish to cool your senses and make you relaxed.

Available in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an even VG/PG mild throat hit base, this nicotine salt vape juice will allow you to blow those exotic clouds and enjoy every single vape.

Give it a try, if you want new vape-led emotions and vape experiences.

Primary Flavors: Tangerine, Mango, Guava, Menthol


Strawberry Nicotine Salt eLiquid by Jam Monster | 30ml

Strawberry jam on freshly made buttered toast is ideal to quench your sweet cravings. Be sure, this eliquid is going to be your favorite one. Jam Monster crafted it with care and passion.

As you hit the vapor, your taste buds immediately get bounded by the savory sweet taste of jam made up of ripe sweetest strawberries you like so much. It gives you feelings like you are having a bite of that buttered toast from the toaster. That’s so delicate and tasty that your mouth gets watered beyond understanding.

You are like enjoying snacking while hitting this nicotine salt vape juice, available in a 30ml unicorn bottle with a nice and lovely even VG/PG throat hit base.

You better grab this satisfying vape treat and produce those fluffy clouds to float above your head.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry Jam, Strawberry, Buttered Toast


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