Basix Nic Salt Banana Cream Pie by Glas Vapor | 30ml

Glas Basix Salts Banana Cream Pie is a decadent dessert that tastes just like a mouth-watering slice of pure heaven. Sweet bananas, smooth custard and buttery pastry join forces to satisfy your cravings like no other flavor can.

Once you take in the vapor, you’re treated to the fruit first followed by a hint of vanilla wafting over the palate. The creaminess of the starts to make the mouth water as a hint of buttered crust emerges. As you exhale, you'll swear that you are eating the real thing.

The richness of the throat hit is in full force thanks to an even VG/PG ratio.

If you like pie and you enjoy vaping, then you need to grab this nic salt e-juice today.

Primary Flavors: Banana, Cream, Pie, Dessert


Basix Nic Salt Icy Cool Melon by Glas Vapor | 30ml

When it comes to out-of-the-box melontastic vape flavors, you’re in for one interestingly cool treat. Glas Basix Salts Icy Cool Melon consists of crisp, smooth cantaloupe and chilled cucumber juices. Each puff quenches you on a profound level while satisfying your thirst.

The crisp fruity and veggie juices make their way around the tongue and down to your palate. As the vapor gets cooler, the exhale simply refreshes you from head to toe.

The throat hit is very mild and smooth with a flavorful experience that only this nicotine salt can give you.

This e-liquid is the perfect treat for those times when you really need to mellow out.

Primary Flavors: Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Melon


Basix Nic Salt Fizzy Lemonade by Glas Vapor | 30ml

The go-to-beverage on a hot summer day is usually a tall glass of lemonade. That traditional flavor never gets old, especially when it is in a vape form. However, some of us want a bit more when it comes to feeling vaping quenched. Glas Basix Salts Fizzy Lemonade takes bubbly lemonade and blends it with a splendid minty sensation to invigorate you in every way. The menthol balances out the tart lemon taste while the sweetness of the flavor ties everything together.

Every time you inhale and exhale, you’re treated to a wonderful balance of what sugary and sourness is all about.

The throat hit alone will have your cravings in check.

If you're a lemonade lover and you want to feel refreshed when the temps are scorching, reach for your pod and hit this awesome nicotine salt e-liquid.

Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Menthol, Beverage


Basix Nic Salt Crunch Berry by Glas Vapor | 30ml

When we were kids, most of us had a Saturday morning ritual. Eat cereal and watch cartoons. Simple as that. As adult vapers, we can still do that just like the good ol’ days thanks to Glas Basix Salts Crunch Berry. This nicotine salt takes everyone's favorite “berrytastic” cereal and soaks it in luxuriously rich creamy milk.

Every inhale and exhale will have your tongue popping with tartness and tangy juices before the whole flavor becomes magically sweet.

The mouth-to-lung experience adds to more to this vape.

This truly is one nostalgic and glorious e-liquid you won’t be able to resist.

Primary Flavors: Berry, Cereal, Milk


Basix Nic Salt Blue Magic by Glas Vapor | 30ml

Ladies and gentlemen check out this amazing trick from Basix. They take ordinary but fresh blueberries and drench them in vanilla cream to create a sweet flavor unlike no other with Glas Basix Salts Blue Magic. How did they do it? Simply put, this flavor combination is dynamite. Each hit satisfies your fruit cravings while giving your palate the rich, creamy taste that it desires.

Each inhale gives a hint of blueberry tartness which appears on the tongue. As it increases in sweetness, you’ll experience the creaminess saturating each taste bud, making your mouth water uncontrollably.

If you want a sensational MTL experience, you’ll be very pleased with this one.

Both decadent and refreshing, this nicotine salt e-liquid hits the spot in every way.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Vanilla Cream


Basix Nic Salt Juicy Apple by Glas Vapor | 30ml

What is the one crisp fruit you can think of that drenches the palate with sweet and slight sour glory? If you guessed apple, you’re correct. Time to now enjoy that same sensation in a nicotine salt form by vaping Glas Basix Salts Juicy Apple. This amazing vape quenches your thirst like crazy thanks to its refreshing taste.

Every time your mouth takes in a ton of vapor, the tongue gets tickled with the glorious crispness of this delicious juice, which’s also incredibly smooth, gliding along your palate with its refreshing taste. The sweetness breaks through as you begin to unleash a massive cloud.

The balanced base of 50VG/50PG gives it a nice and clear-cut throat hit.

Give in to your applelicious desires by hitting this e-liquid today.

Primary Flavors: Apple


Basix Nic Salt Grape Drink by Glas Vapor | 30ml

When it comes to tangy and sweet fruit beverage vape flavors, there are so many to choose from that can quench your thirst. But what if you can find one that can do that while keeping your cravings in check? Glas Basix Salts Grape Drink 30ml - VapeJuiceDepot is a smooth and satisfying fruit juice that consists of plump purple grapes and ridiculously juicy berries.

Tangy, rich, and tart flavorful notes swirl around the tongue while the fruity flavor refreshes you all over as you increase the amount of vapor being taken in. Once you let it out, the sweet tooth gets pounded with the right amount of sugar

With an even ratio, you’re guaranteed some full and flavorful throat hits.

The search for a new and unique nicotine salt ends here as each puff of this e-juice will be a dream-come-true.

Primary Flavors: Grape, Berry, Fruit, Beverage


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