Basix Series Banana Cream Pie by Glas Vapor | 60ml

Do you remember those freshly baked banana pies that you and your grandmother used to bake in the kitchen when you were a kid? Just the aroma alone would make your mouth water as this homemade dessert was heated to perfection. The buttery pie crust stuffed with vanilla custard and coated with sugary caramelized bananas was a sight to behold when it came time to take it out of the oven. That same delightful taste can be yours to savor when you vape Glas Basix Banana Cream Pie.

Simply put, each time the vapor comes and goes from your mouth, you’re left with that classic pie flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth while soothing your soul.

The clouds and throat hit you get from its 70VG/30PG base alone will add to the nostalgia.

No need to get any ingredients to make this dessert flavor. It’s all there when you hit this e-liquid.

Primary Flavors: Banana, Vanilla Custard, Pie, Dessert


Basix Series Caribbean Punch by Glas Vapor | 60ml

How many of us talk about trying to make time to take a trip down to the Caribbean? The beautiful tropic islands, the attractions, the ocean, and even the drinks to enjoy at the beaches and resorts. If we could just get time, most of us would hop on a plane or cruise ship and do it. Well, you can take a trip there, sort of, simply by hitting Glas Basix Caribbean Punch Vapor. This fruit-filled beverage consists of ripe strawberry, Georgia peach, tropical pineapple, crisp apple, and Southern apricot that will rejuvenate you instantly.

As soon as you grab your mod and take a hit, you’ll be treated to a fruit punch paradise that fills your mouth with intense satisfaction. Once you begin to exhale, you should be able to slowly taste how sweet this concoction of a liquid really is as it quenches your cravings.

For some extra tropical fun, the 70VG/30PG blend will give you some impressive clouds with a good hit to the throat.

Feel refreshed. Feel relaxed. And feel like you’re just taking it all in by vaping this e-juice.

Primary Flavors: Fruit Punch


Basix Series Sugar Cookie by Glas Vapor | 60ml

A classic baked dessert straight outta the kitchen that never seems to go out of style are cinnamon butter sugar cookies. Yes, they are hot and chewy, but man do they taste good. The perfect dessert for sure. Now you can enjoy this same flavor, without packing on the pounds, when you vape Glas Basix Series Sugar Cookie Vapor.

Every time you let the vapor in and breathe it out, you’re treated to those satisfyingly buttery notes of pure, sugary and cinnamon goodness that will more than keep all your cravings in check.

And for some extra pleasure, you can get some awesome flavorful fog production with each pull.

For all you cookie fiends out there, this is the e-juice to be vaping.

Primary Flavors: Cinnamon Sugar Cookie


Basix Series Fizzy Lemonade by Glas Vapor | 60ml

Anytime the temps are really soaring, our go-to-beverage is usually a cold glass of lemonade. But what if you’re vaping outdoors in the extreme heat? Well, in that case, you need Glas Basix Series Fizzy Lemonade. It consists of a traditional cool pitcher of lemonade that’s blended with tart pineapple and then topped fizzy lime. This tantalizing flavor will keep you feeling vaping quenched all summer long.

Each inhale gives your taste buds and palate a trifecta of flavorful notes in all their zesty and fruity beverage glory. As the vapor starts to exit, you’re treated to a sweet taste that will have you feeling electrified.

For vapers that craves insane cloud production, you’re in luck thanks to its 70VG/30PG base.

The true pinnacle of lemonade flavors is yours to enjoy when you hit this e-juice.

Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Pineapple, Lime, Fruit, Beverage


Basix Series Blueberry Cake by Glas Vapor | 60ml

There are just some dessert lovers out there who simply cannot resist a nice slice of cake. Well, when that cake is covered in sweet and gooey blueberries and topped with rich frosting, all bets are off. You just gotta have it. Now you can enjoy this fantastic and luxurious flavor when you vape Glas Basix Blueberry Cake.

The moment you inhale, that fruity blueberry juice overwhelms your senses, making your taste buds tingle. As it just circles around your mouth, that classic vanilla cake flavor brings that extra level of sweetness as you slowly exhale.

The fog and flavor production that can be created will also be eventful.

Have your cake, decorate it up, and vape it too with this delightful e-juice.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Cake, Dessert


Basix Series Butterscotch Reserve by Glas Vapor | 60ml

For all the tobacco vape enthusiasts out there who are looking to take this simple flavor to the next level, now is your chance to experience what that would be with Glas Basix Butterscotch Reserves Vapor. The most elegant and well-crafted RY4 tobacco gets infused with slight notes of rich butterscotch and gooey sweet n’ salty caramel for a prominent e-juice unlike any other out there.

Once you get enough vapor in your mouth, you’ll notice the tobacco taste hitting the bottom of the throat instantly. The other two flavors make their way around your tongue as you release a pleasant aroma that will satisfy your cravings.

Not only will you get a good punchy hit, but the ability to create fog will happen with ease.

This incredibly authentic e-liquid should be added to any vaper’s collection.

Primary Flavors: RY4 Tobacco, Butterscotch, Caramel



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