PURE Salts Menthol

For all the fruit lover vapers out there, these fantastic nicotine salt infused flavor of sun-kissed strawberries, crispy apples and juicy watermelon with menthol finish is created to quench your limitless thirst. The delightful taste of this triple blend with the addition of fresh and cooling menthol will make your cravings satisfied.

DROPS Salts Menthol

Each puff rich in colorful and flavorful drops awakens new emotions and feelings in you. As you keep vaping, your tongue swirling round and round discovers mild nuances of strawberry, green apple. Then your taste buds come on stage for orange, lemon and grape mix, that feels fantastic.

SWELL Salts Menthol

Drops of sliced ripe watermelon and melon with gentle menthol touch will brighten your mind and fix a smile on your face. Vapors released and flavorful throat hits will double your excitement and make you want more of this salt based nicotine infused remedy.

GLACIER Salts Menthol

Quenching glacial freshness is now available for vape-lovers in the face of AQUA Menthol GLACIER eLiquid. Just like a winter breathing, fresh minty vapors occupy your mouth up to your lungs once you inhale, and then released slowly upon exhale, thus making you relaxed and delighted.

BLAST / New Menthol

Fresh, Cool, and clean are the distinguishing characteristic of this menthol Tobacco inspired flavor. A Satisfying blast of minty notes compliment the Bold Tobacco flavor.

HYDRA / Gold

Hydra is a perfect blend of vanilla custard and tobacco. The key to this flavor is the crafted balance between the two bold flavors. The experience will enlighten your tastebuds with a burly tobacco inhale, and rich vanilla cream on the exhale.

RAPID / American Red

If you're looking an e-Liquid that embraces all the bold, natural, and full-bodied flavors of smooth American Tobacco, look no further than Aqua Blast. It's an authentic recreation of the classic smoking experience.

AQUA Salts Classic Line Combo Pack by Marina Vape

4 Pack Bundle includes 30ml of each flavor:


A cyclone of fruity cereal twisted and turned into a delicious milk flavor. A house favorite, Cyclone embraces that joyous flavored milk finish you get after a big bowl of fruit cereal without having to tip and turn the bowl.

LUSH Salts

A Lush and delicious combination of lemon and cream round out the characteristics for this flavor. Embracing the essence of lemon bars within the tartness of lemons and a luscious creamy finish that creates a unique vape experience.


Timeless Tastiness. Strawberry Milk is the featured flavor profile within Surge. Surging with the combination of creamy sweet goodness of the classic strawberry milk flavor, this is sure to adopt that timeless characteristic within your vape lineup.


A Vortex of complex and distinctive flavors. Vortex showcases each aspect of a sweet creamy vanilla graham custard. With the subtle sweetness of honey and cinnamon sugar from the graham cracker meeting the creamy goodness of vanilla custard, it's sure to be a unique addition to your juice lineup.


Vape the rainbow! A near perfect rendition of your favorite rainbow fruit flavored sweets. Drops will tantalize your taste buds with the delicious balance of mouthwatering strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange, and grape that you've known and loved for years.


Sweet Airy Berries. The infamous blue raspberry is the highlight within this sweet and fruity flavor. With an unapologetic sweetness that's filled with the highest quality blue raspberry flavor. Blue Razz will keep your taste buds entertained and wanting more.


Juicy. Sweet. Sour. Sour Melon is a perfect blend of juicy, sweet, and sour straight from the watermelon patch. With just the right amount of sweet to dazzle your taste buds and brighten your day, Sour Melon has set the bar for watermelon vapes on the market today.


Mouth Watering Mango. Momentum provides a full fledged mango vape that never stops bringing that juicy, sweet, and delectable mango flavor. Meticulously tested and developed to be the perfect mango flavored e-liquid without any hint of harshness or overly sweet taste.

4 Pack Bundle AQUA Salt Nicotine Original Line includes 60ml of each flavor:

PURE Salts

Pure is a thirst-quenching fruit salt nic blend that's perfect for warm summer weather. The combination of sweet strawberries, crisp apples, and cool watermelon slices makes us think of the delicious fruits that ripen beneath the hot summer sun.

MIST Salts

Mist is a thirst-quenching salt nicotine treat for those hot summer days. Mist vape juice is a blend of tart green apples, sweet peaches and tangy kiwis. Every hit unveils notes of sourness, sweetness and tropical fruit tang.

FLOW Salts

Flow is a tropical salt nicotine blend that tastes like paradise. The combination of tangy pineapple, sweet guava, and juicy mango flavors is like an exotic beach vacation for your taste buds.


Oasis is a calming yet exhilarating fruit salt nicotine blend that combines juicy peaches with crisp cantaloupe chunks and sweet papaya flavor. These fruits sing together in beautiful harmony as the juices rush to the back of the throat.

All vape juices from Aqua Nicotine Salt E-Liquid come in a 30ml unicorn bottle with an even VG/PG base.

Bottle Sizes: 30ml

Nicotine Level: 35mg, 50mg

VG/PG: 50/50



Nicotine Strength


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